Save-A-Life Day

As part of EMS Week 2017, today is Save-A-Life Day! Many people don’t realize that they can be an important resource to someone having a medical emergency, even without any special training! Think about it:  if you witness an accident or call 911 because someone is having a medical emergency, you’ll likely be the person […]

March Madness

Hi friends! It’s almost April…wait, what?! Between freak snowstorms, senior seminars, and all sorts of deadlines, this month has FLOWN by.  I seriously feel like I blinked and boom!  It’s spring. The good news is that I’m giving myself permission to reset and start fresh at the beginning of the month!  I’ve been working with […]

Old House Love

I tricked my poor husband into buying a very old house. I used words like “charming,” and “character,” and “historical value.” I pointed out that the house pre-dates the Civil War (told you it was old!) in an area where the Civil War was fought, meaning soldiers probably marched by our house. I did not […]

January Recap

I just had a wonderful Monday morning surprise:  I left my (sad and windowless) office to go refill the tea kettle and I saw the most perfect little snow shower.  Big fluffy snowflakes — the kind that never last very long– floating gently from the sky, getting caught up in air currents and then slowly […]

Hello from Atlanta!

Hi blog friends! Long time, no new post, right?  I know, I’m terrible.  I’m checking today from Atlanta, where I’m attending the annual meeting of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (also known as ASTMH).  My phone needs a little extra energy right now, so I’m pausing in my hotel room to write […]